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More guerrilla goodness

I was up to my old tricks yesterday. Well, one old trick. Lately I’ve been worrying about money and holding on to my wallet a bit more tightly as a result. A friend said that whenever she feels like that, … Continue reading

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“Ohhhhmmmmmm—wait, did I lock my keys in the car?”

I signed up for Deepak Chopra’s 21-day Meditation Challenge. Today is Day 1. I’m not very good at it, unless wondering whether I put soap in the dishwasher and how I can watch the new season of Breaking Bad (since DISH … Continue reading

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Beyond the year of double-dog dares

I almost didn’t come back. After three months of ignoring the promise I made a year ago today, how do I have the nerve to show my face here? Here’s how. Even though my commitment to doing one brave thing … Continue reading

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One mother’s meditation

Motherhood is like a game of ping pong on a table that sometimes changes into a plate of French fries or a thermometer or a bad report card, and you aren’t always supposed to hit the ball (sometimes you are … Continue reading

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A little distance goes a long way

I’ve discovered a wonderful way to get my children to do my bidding – I leave them alone. I don’t mean that I abandon them in the shady part of town until they’re willing to do anything to come home … Continue reading

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Personal growth and chocolate

The smile experiment was a success, sort of. I had to remind myself to greet strangers at first but it gradually became habit. Most people smiled right back, which was quite nice. Others kept their eyes downcast even when I said hello. … Continue reading

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Valentines at the shelter

Yesterday my kids and I made valentines for a nearby homeless shelter/soup kitchen, and today I delivered them, along with lollipops and some other donations. It was great to see my kids get excited about giving to people they don’t … Continue reading

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I’m not the most inspired gift giver. My gifts typically respond to a request or a practical need, and toasters just aren’t much fun on Christmas morning. I used to take more risks, but after a few of my gifts … Continue reading

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Candle Lighter Award

Kate at Believe Anyway has awarded me the Candle Lighter Award, which recognizes blogs that make a positive impact on the world. I am flattered and grateful, especially since I’ve been struggling with this blog lately. So thanks Kate, for … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

This blog (and I) seem to have stalled. Finding something brave to do and write about isn’t the priority it was. I find that an entire day’s attention goes to my to-do list. And my list is pretty boring. I’ll … Continue reading

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