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I’m not afraid of bees, but I’d prefer not to be stung, thank you very much. I don’t get hysterical when they approach, but I respect their personal space. And I really appreciate the favor they do for us with … Continue reading

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Bravery or stupidity?

If you have sidewalks where you live, count yourself lucky. My beautiful town has lots of trees and charming old stone walls but, except for a short stretch at the center of town, no sidewalks. This large and fairly rural … Continue reading

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Plummeting to my death (for a moment)

So I went to Brownstone Adventure Park with my family. The park offers lots of things to jump off, climb, and swim through. My entire body was sore the next day, even my left eyelid (I’ll explain). Our first activity … Continue reading

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The willingness to try anything

Ok, so there was no flop sweat and I definitely wasn’t the worst in the class (nor was I the best). Sometimes my mind was a blank, and sometimes I did well. I laughed a lot. Last night, I attended … Continue reading

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Visions of flop sweat dancing in my head

All eyes are on me. They are waiting for me to say something, but my mind is blanker than my daughter’s summer journal. Seconds tick by, but I can’t think of anything to say, can’t remember what language I speak. … Continue reading

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Double-dog dare me

There are a lot of days in one year. A paltry 20 days into my 365-day commitment, I am already panicking that my ideas will run out before the year does. So as I am planning ways to stretch my … Continue reading

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Reaching for the next hold

What no one told me about rock climbing is how useless it renders your hands. Ten hours later and squeezing a tube of toothpaste is challenging. But I am getting ahead of myself. Having never climbed a rock wall before … Continue reading

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